New England Coalition of Public Safety

  • RISD Sergeants vote unanimously to join NECOPS!!

The Sergeants of the Rhode Island School of Design Department of Public Safety voted unanimously on April 6th to join the New England Coalition of Public Safety!  NECOPS Attorney Michael Hanley attended an 8 hour hearing at the National Labor Relations Board office in Boston on February 15th to determine if the RISD Sergeants could form a union.  The NLRB issued a decision in our favor stating that RISD failed to meet their burden of proof in attempting to convince the NLRB that the RISD Sergeants were statutory supervisors and not eligible to form a union.  RISD requested a review of the decision which was denied, and the election results were certified.  NECOPS Local 14 is our first all-Sergeant Local, but probably not our last!

Click here to view the RISD decision

  • Emerson College votes unanimously to join NECOPS!!      

The Officers and Dispatchers from Emerson College participated in a secret ballot election on February 23rd.  The results were unanimous, 16-0 in favor of joining NECOPS!  The results of the election are not being contested, so as soon as the National Labor Relations Board issues a certification, we will begin negotiating for an initial collective bargaining agreement.  We welcome these dedicated employees into our organization, and look forward to providing them with the exceptional service and representation that they deserve!

  • Suffolk University mourns for one of their own

The members of NECOPS Local 7 regret to announce the passing of retired Officer Gregory Grande, a 26 year verteran of the Suffolk University Police Department.  Before accepting a position with Suffolk University, Greg worked as an auxiliary officer for the Somerville Police Department and as an electrician.  He was an avid golfer who enjoyed playing local courses with family and friends.  Greg leaves his wife of 23 years, Jane, and two daughters.  Calling hours will be held this Thursday evening from 4-8 at the George L. Doherty funeral home, 855 Broadway in Somerville.  A funeral procession will begin at 9am from the George L. Doherty funeral home to St. Ann Church in Somerville for a 10am Mass.  Donations may be made in Greg's name to APDA, 135 Parkinson Ave, Staten Island, NY 10305. 


  • President McCarron names Rhode Island Regional VP
President Peter McCarron has named NECOPS Local 9 President Jeffrey Touchette the Regional Vice President for the state of Rhode Island.  As a Local President, Jeff has worked tirelessly to improve the working conditions for his fellow officers at Bryant University.  As a Regional Vice President, we know Jeff will continue to work just as hard for all of our Rhode Island members.            
  • Senator Stephen Brewer sponsors new "Guns in Court" Legislation

NECOPS President Peter McCarron sent a letter of thanks and support to Senator Brewer, the Chairman of the Senate Ways and Means committee, for his support of Senate Bill 1182.  Senate Bill 1182 reintroduces last years Senate Bill 921 legislation regarding the authority of Campus Police, Massachusetts Environmental Police, Municipal and Housing Police and others to carry firearms in courthouses in Massachusetts.  In his letter, President McCarron states, "It’s all about accountability, fairness and public safety and we are committed to seeing it through."  To read the entire letter, click here  


  • Brown University Security Patrolperson's Association (BUSPA) affiliates with NECOPS!!!  
On April 12th, the Brown University Security Patrolperson's Association (BUSPA) which represents police officers, security officers and dispatchers at Brown University, voted overwhelmingly to affiliate with the New England Coalition of Public Safety. The vote took place at a meeting attended by exactly 50% of the membership. When the votes were tallied, the result was 29-1 in favor of affiliating with NECOPS.

This historic vote ends BUSPA's affiliation with the International Brotherhood of Police Officers (IBPO), and makes BUSPA (NECOPS Local 12), our second RI Local. Members of the Bryant University (NECOPS Local 9) Executive Board helped organize at Brown University, and were instrumental in helping us get our message out.

One interesting note here is that the BUSPA E-Board did the respectful and courteous thing, and gave IBPO 30 days notice that they would be ending their affiliation. The IBPO must not have had much of a desire to keep the group, or to find out why they were leaving, because they responded by telling the BUSPA E-Board that they were ending their affiliation with them effective immediately. Thanks IBPO!

All of us at NECOPS look forward to our new relationship with BUSPA, the largest independent private sector law enforcement association in RI. Their affiliation with NECOPS will only make them stronger. We hope to further expand to more RI groups in the near future.
  • UMass Memorial Hospital Police join NECOPS!

    On January 31, 2011, the dedicated men and women of the UMass Memorial Hospital Police Department, which includes police officers and dispatchers, voted overwhelmingly to join NECOPS.  For years, they have been represented by the SPFPA, but were not satisfied with the representation they were receiving.  In fact, they had never even met their own Local Representative from the SPFPA.  When the votes were tallied, NECOPS was victorious with 11 votes to SPFPA's 1.  One vote was also cast for "Neither".  UMass Memorial has been designated NECOPS Local #11, and they are our first Hospital Local.  We have already begun the process of setting up the UMass Local, and we will be sure that every member has the opportunity to meet their new Local Representative in the very near future.  All of us at NECOPS welcome the men and women from UMass Memorial, and we look forward to providing them with exceptional services and representation from this day forward! 

  • Clark University Police Association affiliates with NECOPS!

The New England Coalition of Public Safety is proud to announce that the Clark University Police Association has signed an affiliation agreement with the organization.  After one meeting with the NECOPS leadership, the CUPA decided to have an election to determine if the membership would like to affiliate.  The election took place one week after the initial meeting, and the overwhelming majority of the CUPA voted YES to affiliate with NECOPS.  We welcome the dedicated officers from Clark University to our organization, and look forward to providing them with the quality services and representation that they deserve! 

  • Important Update to Personnel Laws

Chapter 149, Section 52C has been amended to now require that employers provide notice to an employee every time the employer places any negative information in the employee's file if the information "is, has been used, or may be used, to negatively affect the employee's qualification for employment, promotion, transfer, additional compensation or the possibility that the employee will be subject to disciplary action."  Such notice must be given to the employee within 10 days of the information being placed in the employee's personnel file. 

The law as previously written only required that the employers provide an employee with access to her file upon request within 5 business days and allow the employee to dispute any negative information and place a written statement in the file setting forth the basis of the dispute.  Section 52C reaches all records, wherever they may be kept that have or could have an impact on an employee's "employment, promotion, transfer, additional compensation or disciplinary action."  Almost any retained document including e-mails could be seen to be a personnel record within the definition of the statute. 

A strict reading of the statute could mean that anytime a supervisor sends a critical e-mail and that e-mail is retained in any fashion, the employee is entitled to notice. 
Since the enactment of the amended statute some employment lawyers believe that an employer who fails to properly notify the employee of e-mails discussing the employee's performance might be precluded from introducing those e-mails to document "just cause" for disciplinary action.  As time passes and cases are brought before the courts many issues will be clarified.  The amendments also limit the employee to two requests for a copy of her personnel file per year.  That limitation however does not apply to instances in which the employee requests her file as a result of being notified of the placement of negative information in the file.


  • Rhode Island Public Safety Officers (RIPSO) affiliates with NECOPS!!

    RIPSO represents the public safety officers at Bryant University, and after a unanimous vote of the membership, has affiliated with the New England Coalition of Public Safety.  RIPSO is led by a dedicated group of union officers, but until now, they have not had the power or resources to be successful.  By joining NECOPS, RIPSO has become part of a fast-growing and powerful labor organization dedicated to representing private sector public safety personnel. 

    After one quick meeting between the NECOPS leadership and RIPSO representatives, it was very obvious to RIPSO that we were the perfect organization for their members.  Their leaders immediately called for a vote to determine whether or not the members wished to affiliate with NECOPS.  When the votes were counted on June 1, 2010, every single eligible voter cast a vote in favor of affiliating with NECOPS.  We welcome the dedicated men and women from Bryant University, and look forward to providing them with the quality services they deserve.  It is also a momentous occasion for NECOPS, as we have officially expanded to Rhode Island, and look forward to representing more dedicated men and women serving in the Ocean State! 


  • Local 2 President Marty Curley receives the Trooper George L. Hanna Medal of Merit!!!

    On November 2, 2009, NECOPS Local 2 President Marty Curley was awarded the Trooper George L. Hanna Medal of Merit.  Officer Curley received the award as a result of his heroic actions in October of 2008 when he and other Boston College Police Officers rescued two workers who had been rendered unconscious by toxic liquid nitrogen fumes while working in an underground tunnel.

    Next month, Officer Curley will be honored in Washington, D.C. during Police Week.  He was named the Officer of the Month in August of 2009 by the Board of Directors of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. 

  • Two huge wins for NECOPS members thanks to our legal team!!!!!


     Two NECOPS members still have jobs thanks to the NECOPS legal team of Hanley, Hassett & Fitzsimmons, LLC.  Had it not been for the fact that these members belonged to a strong union with superior legal services, they would both surely be looking for jobs in this tough economy.


    1) Local 6 President Wayne Miller was “targeted for termination” by his employer, American International College, after non-job related allegations were made against him.  President Miller was advised that his “Special Police Officer” status in the City of Springfield would soon be revoked, and that he would no longer be eligible for employment as a police officer at American International College, which would result in his immediate termination.  NECOPS jumped into action, and our representatives attended several meetings with President Miller and his employer.  It was quite obvious that saving President Miller’s job was going to be a difficult task, but Attorney Michael Hanley worked diligently on President Miller’s behalf.  Thanks to the tireless efforts of Attorney Hanley and the rest of the NECOPS team, President Miller was able to retain his status as a “Special Police Officer” and his job at American International College. 


     Had this incident occurred just a few short months ago, prior to AIC joining NECOPS, President Miller would have been terminated without recourse.  Thankfully that was not the case, because AIC did join NECOPS, and now belongs to the only union in New England dedicated to representing public safety professionals at private colleges and universities.


    2) In July of 2009 a Suffolk University Security Officer and member of the New England Coalition of Public Safety (Local 7) was terminated.  The member officer, a new mother working the midnight shift dozed off while on an assignment.  A University employee working for the Office of Residence Life saw this and immediately reported it to several members of the University administration, including Vice-Presidents, Deans, and Human Resources.


     The member officer, a 2 year employee, was called into a meeting with the Human Resources Director, Assistant Director, and Chief of Police and terminated on the spot.  Local 7 immediately filed a stage 3 grievance on behalf of the member officer, as outlined in their Collective Bargaining Agreement with the University, and began the process of trying to get this officer reinstated.  Suffolk University refused to reinstate the member officer.


     Local 7 then filed a stage 4 grievance requesting that the case be sent to arbitration.  The grievance was then assigned to the NECOPS legal team from Hanley, Hassett & Fitzsimmons LLC.  Attorney Brian Fitzsimmons took the case, and filed all the necessary paperwork for arbitration.


     Attorney Fitzsimmons contacted the University’s attorney to gather all the relevant evidence, and began negotiating for our member.  An arbitrator was agreed upon and a date was scheduled for the hearing.  During this time, Attorney Fitzsimmons met with Local 7 President Christopher DiBlasi and the terminated member to work on a defense.  Attorney Fitzsimmons also had a phone interview with a witness of the incident.  Attorney Fitzsimmons was in constant contact with President DiBlasi and the member, in addition to the University attorney throughout this case. 


     Several Days before the scheduled Arbitration hearing, the University attorney contacted Attorney Fitzsimmons and accepted a negotiated proposal of reinstatement of our member.  The member was not only reinstated, but was given back full seniority from her original date of hire, some vacation accruals and some sick time accruals. 


    Without the assistance of the New England Coalition of Public Safety, and the diligent work by its representatives and attorneys, this member would not have been reinstated.  This is a big win for NECOPS, as we made a stand against this large University, demanded fairness for our member, and were successful in our mission. 


     The last 18 months have been great for the New England Coalition of Public Safety, as we have brought on new Locals; negotiated several new Collective Bargaining Agreements; prevented and overturned terminations of our members; prevented and overturned several suspensions and written reprimands; and improved the overall working conditions for our members. 

  • January 27, 2010    President McCarron testifies at the State House

    NECOPS President Peter McCarron testified at a public hearing at the State House today in support of Senate Bill #921, which would allow all law enforcement officers to carry firearms in court while on official business.  Also in attendance were representatives from the Environmental Police Association, who we all need to thank for filing this Bill, MPA, SPAM, MA Police Chiefs Association, MSPCA and MACLEA.

    At the conclusion of the hearing, the Senators in attendance spoke in favor of the Bill and it will now be moved to the next phase of the process.  The sponsor of the Bill, Senator Brewer, thanked all who attended and stated “In all of the years that I have been doing this, I have never seen such a unified group work together in support of a Bill.”

    It is now up to each and every one of us to work together to get this Bill passed.  Please contact your Senators and urge them to support Senate Bill #921.  Click on the link below for information regarding your Senator.


  • NECOPS Local 3, Wentworth Police Patrolmen, ratify contract!


    The following is an open letter from Brian Carr, the President of Local 3.


    First off I want to express my sincere and profound thanks to all the members of NECOPS who made this contract and Wentworth's entry into NECOPS possible.  A special thanks to Executive Director Dwayne Goldman without whose help and guidance this would have been a longer and more difficult process.  Secondly I would like to thank President Peter McCarron whose support and advice was extremely helpful along with his presence at some of our meetings. Thirdly I would like to thank Executive Vice-President Chris DiBlasi who with his support and dedication to NECOPS is essential in maintaining and growing this Union.  Finally I need to send a huge thanks out to our Consultant, Sean McArdle for his patience and hard work in negotiating our contract.


    To highlight the positives in our contract I have to begin by saying that this is my first contract and Union.  I view the whole contract and being a local of NECOPS as a positive just for the fact that the Wentworth Patrolman now have a voice.  Some of the more positive aspects in our contract are the pay increases that the officers received and that the contract calls for 3% for the next 4 years and an increase in the differential. We also negotiated first right of refusal, injury benefits, just cause clause and training equipment standards. All this and future benefits wouldn't have been possible without joining NECOPS.  Once again I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to all those who gave their help and support.



    Brian Carr


    NECOPS Local 3

    Wentworth Police Dept    


  • September 10, 2009   American International College joins NECOPS!!!!

    The National Labor Relations Board conducted a secret ballot election for the men and women of the American International College Police Department in Springfield, MA on September 9, 2009.  Even after the administration at AIC spread their lies and propaganda about NECOPS and unions in general, the majority of the hard working men and women at AIC voted “YES” to join the only labor organization in New England dedicated to serving private sector public safety employees. 

    NECOPS will begin working with Local 6 immediately to draft an initial collective bargaining agreement and start making positive changes to their current working conditions.  We welcome the dedicated men and women of the AIC Police Department into our organization, and look forward to working with each and every one of them!!


  • July 30, 2009   Boston College Officer gets national recognition!!

    The New England Coalition of Public Safety is extremely proud to announce that Officer Martin Curley of the Boston College Police Department (NECOPS Local 2) has been named “Officer of the Month” for August, 2009 by the Board of Directors of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.  In 1996 the NLEOMF instituted the Officer of the Month program, recognizing that not all heroes are called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice. The program recognizes and honors living law enforcement officers who distinguish themselves through exemplary service and devotion to duty.

    On October 20, 2008, Officer Curley and several other Boston College Police Officers rescued two men from a manhole after they had been rendered unconscious by toxic liquid nitrogen fumes.  Had it not been for the heroic actions of Officer Curley and his fellow officers, both men would likely have perished due to their exposure to the liquid nitrogen fumes.  During the rescue effort, Officer Curley was lowered into the manhole wearing an improvised breathing device and managed to pull both men to safety.  Officer Curley injured his knee during the rescue and required surgery and months of physical therapy before returning to work. 

    Officer Curley has since been recognized by the Boston Celtics as a “Hero Among Us” and was given an award by the Massachusetts Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (MACLEA).  He was also recognized as the NECOPS Officer of the Year and was presented with the first ever Thomas E. Devlin, Jr. award.

    In May of 2010, Officer Curley will be honored in Washington, D.C. during National Police Week along with the other Officer of the Month Award recipients.  You can learn more about this prestigious award by visiting

    Congratulations Officer Curley!!!!! 


  • 7/21/09   Local 5, Stonehill College Police Union, ratifies new three year contract

    Members of Local 5 unanimously ratified a new three year collective bargaining agreement which features a 2% pay increase each year.  A 2% raise each year is nice, but the members have much more to be thankful for.  This was the first collective bargaining agreement that NECOPS has negotiated for the Stonehill College officers, who recently separated from a larger SEIU group on campus. 

    In addition to the pay increase, officers now also receive a clothing allowance, something they have never received before.  The first year allowance is $800, and increases by $100 each year of the contract.  The rate for details paid by outside vendors has been increased by almost $7/hr, to $38.  Officers assigned as the “Officer In Charge” will receive an increase from $1.50/hr to $2.50/hr.  A weekend shift differential has been increased from $.50/hr to $.75/hr.  Any officer assigned as a Field Training Officer, who works as an FTO for at least 8 shifts per month, will receive a $175 stipend for that month.  Previously, officers were not compensated for working as an FTO.  A significant non-monetary item that previously did not exist is shift bidding.  Members of Local 5 will now have the opportunity to bid for shifts by seniority every year.

    Local 5 President Mike Tepper praised the New England Coalition of Public Safety and stated, “I heard horror stories from the last contract negotiation sessions, and this being my first contract, I was apprehensive heading in. But I just followed Sean's lead and everything fell in place. His professionalism, knowledge, and calm demeanor set the tone, and kept things moving in a positive direction”.

  • 7/10/09   NECOPS Local 4, Lasell College Police Union, ratifies new three year contract


    Members of Local 4 unanimously ratified a new three year contract which includes retroactive pay to February 1, 2009.  The Local 4 negotiating team, which included Local President Joe Cibotti, Officer Tim Kennefick and Officer Michelle Leblanc, along with NECOPS Executive Director Dwayne Goldman, worked tirelessly on behalf of the membership.


    Some of the highlights of the new contract include an overall pay increase of up to 13.95% over 3 years, additional step increases based on years of service and a 60% increase to the clothing allowance.  Local 4 President Joe Cibotti stated, “Negotiations went better than expected, especially considering the status of the economy.  It is great to be represented by an organization that understands our needs and concerns.  Joining the New England Coalition of Public Safety was the best move we could have made.”


  • 5/8/09  

    Curry College Settles Prohibited Practice Charges Filed by the New England Coalition of Public Safety

    In November of 2008, the overwhelming majority of the officers employed by the Curry College Department of Public Safety provided the New England Coalition of Public Safety (NECOPS) a petition requesting that NECOPS act as their exclusive bargaining agent and representative.  The Curry Officers are non-union, but decided to follow the lead of many other groups in the area and join the only union in New England dedicated to representing private sector public safety officers and support personnel.

    NECOPS submitted the petition and a request for voluntary recognition to Curry College on November 17, 2008.  Not surprisingly, the request for voluntary recognition was denied and NECOPS filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in December.  The purpose of the petition filed with the NLRB was to obtain a representative election to allow the Curry College Officers the opportunity to have a secret ballot election to vote for or against joining NECOPS.

    Long before the Curry College Officers would have the opportunity to vote, they were summoned to a meeting with the President of Curry College, Ken Quigley and the Director of Public Safety, Brian Greeley.  Going into the meeting, the union had overwhelming support from the Officers.  At the conclusion of the meeting, many of those same officers feared that they would lose many of the benefits they currently enjoy.  Some even feared losing their jobs. 

    After gathering more information, it was clear to the NECOPS leadership and NECOPS Chief Counsel Michael Hanley of Hanley, Hassett and Fitzsimmons from Quincy that Curry College had violated the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), and NECOPS filed a total of 12 charges of prohibited practice against Curry College and the administration.  The NLRB assigned the case to an Attorney who conducted a very thorough investigation.  The investigation itself took months to complete.  Curry College initially refused to cooperate with the NLRB, and eventually was forced to turn over documents regarding the charges. 

    Curry College Public Safety Officer Jeff Lurie led the charge to join NECOPS.  Jeff is a dedicated employee who has been given immense responsibility by the College because he is very intelligent and good at what he does.  He is also a strong union supporter, and he knew it would be in the best interest of all of Curry’s officers to form a Local of NECOPS.  It was Jeff who went to each officer to explain the benefits of joining NECOPS and ask them if they wished to sign the petition. 

    Curry College decided it would be in their best interest to settle the case.  The NLRB and NECOPS would only agree to the settlement if Jeff and his fellow officers were strongly protected against retaliation and retribution by Curry College.  The settlement agreement does just that.   

    Curry College now has to post a federal “Notice To Employees” for 60 days prior to the re-scheduled representative election, which will now take place on July 9, 2009.   

    The New England Coalition of Public Safety made a promise to Jeff and the rest of the officers from Curry College to support them through every step of this process.  We did not, and will not, allow Curry College to “bully” their officers into voting against the union.  That is a decision that must be made by each individual officer after he or she has been educated and informed about the benefits of joining the organization.     Click here to view the "Notice To Employees".























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